PPR Rules Page
Philadelphia Parks &
Recreation Baseball
See City Bylaws for clarifications and more details. This is only a quick reference.

•        Coaches must have present at all games- ID cards, roster, and bylaws
•        Players must line up on the foul lines with their ID cards before EVERY game
•        Non-city residents must have an approved waiver in order to play
•        Teams must roster a minimum of 12 players and a maximum of 25
•        Sportsmanlike conduct is required by everyone. Teams are responsible for the conduct of their fans
•        NO metal spikes are permitted under penalty of ejection
•        Facemask and helmet are mandatory for anyone catching pitcher’s warm-ups
•        Mandatory bat specifications:
o        8&u and 10&u- 33 in max bat length, 2 ¼ max barrel diameter                                                                      
o        12&u-  34 in max bat length, 2 ¾  barrel diameter                                                                                             
o        14&u and 17&u- BBCOR
•        Umpire fees- 12&u and down-$30 per team, 14&u and 17&u-$55 per team
•        If one umpire for a two man game, ump receives $74
•        In case of a forfeit, DO NOT pay umpires at game site
•        Umpires receive ½ fee if  a game is called off due to weather prior to it starting
•        A protest can only be lodged at the point of the incident. Scorebooks must be signed by protesting coach
and umpire at that time. See section K of bylaws
•        There will be a 15 minute forfeit time for all games. Teams must have 9 eligible players
•        Home team must notify League Director 1:15 minutes  prior to a game if a game is to be cancelled due
to rain. After that time, teams report to the game and the decision is in the hands of the umpire
•        The visiting team must be allowed 20 minutes before game time for at least 15 minutes
•        If a legal game is stopped prior to the completion, an incomplete inning will not count if the home team is
in a worse position score-wise than it was at the end of the previous inning
•        12 run rule- If a team is losing by 12 runs and has batted 5 times the game is over
•        Re-entry- any starter or sub may re-enter the game at any time must bat in original position
•        A runner will be declared out if he barrels into any fielder who has the ball or fielding the ball
•        MLB has outlawed the pitcher’s fake to 3rd move with runners on 1st and third. It is a balk
•        8&u and 10&u only use hit batter rule, 8&u, 10&u and 12&u games are 6 innings ( legal after 2 ½ with
home team leading), no running on dropped third strike, pitchers can only pitch 3 innings, I pitch= inning, no
breaking pitches, CBO or EH can be used in all of these divisions
•        No extra innings are allowed in 8,10, 12, 14, 8th and 9th inning allowed for 17&u
•        Special Rules *&u- bases 60ft, pitching distance 46 ft,2 hour time limit, no stealing, can only advance on
batter’s performance, can lead only on release of ball, no balks, no infield fly, one base on overthrow to first,
face guards are mandatory
•        Special rules 10&u- bases 60 ft, pitching 46 ft, no leads, can steal on release of pitch except home
•        Special rules 12&u-  bases 75ft, pitching 50’6 ft, can lead and steal on all bases
•        Special rules 14&u and 17&u- games are 7 innings (legal after 3 1/2 with home team leading), pitchers
can only pitch 4 innings (14s only), one pitch=inning, EH maybe used, no CBO
•        Balls- 12&u and down- Wilson A1074 or Rawlings LLB1, 14&u and 17&u- Wilson A1010 or Rawlings
•        Playoffs-pitching limit is waived in extra innings, games must be completed except for 12 run rule, game
time is 5:30pm
•        Coaches must handle any umpire issues exclusively through the league director